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This game was incredible for its time! Fantastic. Unbelievable. A dream. To this point, I played rpgs like Phantasie III, Bards Tale, Ultima III, DemonĀ“s Winter - which were all fine, but then I played DM and was drawn into its world... until I defeated Lord Chaos. The sequel, CSB, was too difficult for me.

other rpgs I liked a lot:

Feary Tale Adventure (drew a map myself... found later one in the original box :-))
Buck Rogers - the novel was in the box, bought me later all other novels
Eye of the Beholder - great DM clone
Pools of Darkness - my favorite Gold Box title
Perihelion - the whdload fix was made with my original
Ultima 5 - the whdload fix was made with my original, too
Shadowworlds - another one of my games whdloaded
Dragonflight - my god, Dark Angel fixed nearly my whole rpg collection for whdload at this time...
Drakkhen - jstfied by Kaervek
Might and Magic III - so much better than part 2
Starflight (never solved it)
Wizardry VI - highly complex
Dragon Wars - took me ages
Ultima 6 - playable on the Amiga only since Psygore fixed it for whdload
Star Command (ugly, but fun)
Speris Legacy (not as good as Zelda, but better than nothing)

and the worst ever Amiga rpgs:

Bards Tale III - what a disappointment!
Times of Lore (hyped as Feary Tale 2.... aaargh)
Swords of Twilight
and not to forget: Keys of Marmaron
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