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Originally posted by Bloodwych

Wish there was, anything to stop "the infamous hand". why? Let me explain:

Notice how this quality work of art ( ) happens to be a left hand holding the amiga disk. Well that's bullsh*t

Have you ever tried placing an Amiga disk in an A500 left handed? It requires the dexterity of a ferret.

I tried for hours using my A500 like that damn kickstart picture ordered me too and ended up with cramp for a week. So don't get me started on kickstart 1.3....................damn hand.

Never had that problem with kickstart 2.0 and up.
:laugh :laugh Good one.

Bloodwych, you obviously didn't read the user manual when you got your 500. In the chapter titled "howto insert a disk" it states that "you just flip you 1.3 500 upside down, with the keyboard facing down. You should now find the disk drive on the LHS of the amgia." AaaaHA, you see what happens when you don't read the user manual ?? tsk, tsk, tsk
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