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There isn't one decent Jap style rpg like say a Zelda or Mana and that is something of a mystery considering Amiga is a capable enough machine especially A1200.

Back in the days of great 16bit games, japan always lead with their ability to push out stronger titles.In terms of game mechanics, no one outside of Japan could match the likes of Mario, Zelda, Super Contra, Castlevania.It's somewhat reversed now but it's more understandable why we never saw a great rpg or indeed even a great platformer and shooter at the time frankly

There was also some very good stuff back then of course for Amiga like Speedball2, Carrier Command, Stunt Car but generally the arcade style was mostly duff when it came to incredible shooters or platformers - certainly not the stuff of legend like many a Snes or Megadrive had.Can't think of anything that comes even remotely close to matching a Mario, Axelay, Zelda, Super Contra, etc etc for the Amiga.

Didn't stop me loving the truly amazing Amiga days though

A decent Rpg is an opportunity waiting there for someone
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