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You haven't gave us any info on your setup though... A1200? plain or with 4way buffered/FastATA? A4000? plain or with Budha/FastATA?

- I use an 60GB 3.5 on my A4000 internal bus and works just fine with 3.9, 4.0 and MOS PUP
- I also use an 60GB 2.5 on my A1200 /w FastATA mkIII and works also fine with 3.9, 4.0 and MOS PUP.

The strange thing is that in my A1200 I putted the CDROM on the Secondary channel but the installation completed just fine (lol)
Could it be the jumpers on your new Hard Drive putted wrong? How do you have them installed on the HD and on your CDROM as well? (Master/Slave/CSel) and how have you putted the IDE ribbon on?

BUS ----- CDROM (as slave) ----- HD (as master)

or anything different?

Since your old HD runs just fine I can't come up with anything else wrong :S

Ah, one more thing... Since you stated that OS 3.9 runs just fine on the new HD, does the CDROM works also correctly (meaning you insert the Disc and appears just fine on WB screen)

Keep us informed.
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