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Wanted - Star Pilots (incredibly heroic variety) ;)

A couple of us on the newsgroup are putting that space action game "Epic" from DID/Ocean, through its paces at the moment.

I quite like it, but we've run into a problem. On the second space combat mission, which I believe is actually Mission 5, Galactic Storm, I (we) cannot complete the mission without running out of fuel.

I noticed in the earlier space combat mission there were what apperared to be friendly fuel ships in the convoy, but no amount of trying got me a refuel (although I managed it on a planetary mission). I just about managed to get through the space mission on one tank of fuel - but I don#t think that is possible on the current mission.

So has anybody managed to refuel in space in the game epic?

And I don't mean by pressing the cheat key, even if that's how the Amiga Power reviewer managed it.

Cheers for any help, and may the farce be with you.
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