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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post

I got 4 games yesterday, two of them are from your suggestions. (HL2 and Forza)

How different are Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black? (I have the first one)

Also, Fable, lost chapter, is there big difference with Fable. (like completely different game or not, I have lost chapter one)

I also got Project Snowblind, as I heard its an OK shooter and was somewhere forbidden. (that's nice plus for game )

Games I'm currently looking for: Jade Empire, Burnout Revenge and KOTOR games. (could get them yesterday, but couldn't be bothered as I have somewhere PC versions of both games and never installed them?! Same as new Pirates! game which I got after Ian's review at TA, but never menaged to start to play)

BTW, MachAssult 2 is awesome game, with some very hard missions even on easy.
Well Black is pretty much the original plus a lot of extras. But you can get some of them extras by downloading the packs off xbox live. Black adds new monsters on increasing difficulties that might appear in the packs but i dont know. THey are awesome Mission mode which is a set of mmm 50? missions which are also cool. New costumes, weapons, enemy AI improved some spam attacks fixed and new game + taken out.

So i would recommened black if you see it cheap. Fable the lost chapters is everything fable is but with more to the story. So where the first fable ended, lost chapters carries out with more towns, bosses, weapons. While having all the story fable had.

I said this before but if you want a real nice 1st/3rd shooter adventure Strangers wrath is the best! Might be hard to find though. HL2 doesnt run great on the xbox, i would of suggested PC version if you could.

Forza is good but i prefer project gotham 2 for online and a more fun feel. Though PGR2 is more arcade like and no customization.
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