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Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
But what is racking my brain here is where can i get all my favourite C64 games of yesteryear and when i do find them, how can i transfer them to a 5 inch floppy to use in a 1541 drive!?!?
There are 20,000 entries in the GameBase 64 which should keep you busy for quite some time. There are many ways to transfer those games to disk and the most common is to use your actual Commodore 5.25" disk drive which can be interfaced to your PC using an x-cable of some sort.

but more importantly, is it still possible to buy 5 inch disks from anywhere!?!??!?!?
Sure, they're pretty easy to find. If worse comes to worse there is always

We all know we can get ADF's for the Amiga and transfer them to a floppy or use WHDLoad, but what is the C64 equivalent ???
Either d64 (disk) or t64 (tape).

I remember seeing at Breakpoint that Jen Schoenfeld had a memory card based device that allowed instant loading of many C64 titles after copying a game rom/file to the memory card, but i can also remember seeing or reading from someone that there limitations to this device!?..
That was most likely the MMC64 which is now discontinued. Its replacement is the MMC Repay and while there are workarounds, they are for the most part restricted to loading single file games or cartridge images (crt). A far better choice is the 1541 Ultimate.
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