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Ah ya, sorry for my German mistake !

Yes, this is a 1:1 remake
ok of course, it is not 100% equal to the true Lionheart ... this would be impossible !
But something like 99% ... i adapted the gameplay, to make it as true as the original ( jump distance, Valdyn speed, smooth moves ... )

Levels are all the same, with objects & monsters too
My Level editor include a converter, from an image to level data using Tiles.
For example, it can convert a game map rip ( *.bmp ) into a Tiles level Data !
By comparing each tiles with the "Tile Box" containing all tiles
It took about 1min for each levels using a E6750
After, i only need to set monsters positions ...

And for the font, i firstly used a *.bmp font, but it was slower than DirectX font ... this explain why it is so ugly
( But this is the original font for the Intro & Extro texts ! )
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