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Happy Hey buddy!

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I'm an Aussie too, I'm in Melbourne / victoria and i used to run a public domain bbs called Backwards BBs, i had over 1000 users on the bbs, ithe bbs program i was using is called pcboard which ran on my old 486 pc.

I still have my amiga 500 with 5 meg memory blizzard turbo board and 20 meg hd..(Could have been bigger) and a kickstart rom sharer..
I also have an ami600 as well plus not to mention my other pc's,
Plus i have over 700 amiga disk's

The Darkside....
Comp 1
Amd 1.3 gig duron
120 gig hd
Comp 2
DFI Nf4 ultra infinity mobo
Amd athlon64-3200+ (Venice)
1 Gig ddr400 memory.
Asus extreme n6200tc gfx card
dvd writer
smc cable/dsl 4 port 10/100mbps broadband router
Two 120 gig hd's

regards from Len..
Rimmer! I remember you mate. I used to logon to your BBS all the time. I think the number was something like 9541 3**7. Something like that?

I used to run a BBS called Distortion BBS back in the day as well.

Hope you're doing well mate. Message me I wouldn't mind chatting to you.
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