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Advent Rising(buggy and frame issues but great story and believable experience - sadly no sequel planned)

Metal Arms(great fun but one of the only games you really need to stick on easy to begin with

Freedom Fighters(3rd person shooter that's a little different.Nice game)

Chronicles of Riddock(again this is quite different, still has stupendous graphics)

Psychonauts(very entertaining Tim Schafer creation that's worth at least the one playthrough)

Dreamfall(not maybe the best example of this genre but certainly worth playing)

Deus ex(not as good as the first perhaps but a decent game)

Phantom Dust(not much else like this one.Great style to it)

Sudeki(again not the best example of an action adventure but enjoyable)

Quantum Redshift(It's better than Wipeout in my opinion - amazing graphics)

Tron2(well it's tron isn't it and that warrants a playthrough - pretty good though and gorgeous atmosphere - a whole tron cycle section game included)

Unreal The Liandri Conflict(Arena based bot - great stuff)

Amped2(have your xbox run this in 720 and it will knock you out how great it looks)

Syberia 1 and 2 (worth a shot if you like serious adventures of old)

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