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Favorite xBox games

As I don't like to kill my xBox softmoding thread or "What are you playing?" threads.

I would like to hear also what games you think are worth a try for xBox.

Used xBox games here are anywhere from $1.99 up to $15 (Halo 2 and couple other 'rare' (not so) titles. Speaking of Halo2, when it was ~30 bucks for used I paid mine 10 bucks at Best Buy ) Also some places give you nice offers like Play and Traide (buy 2 games and get 3 free games for same price or less) or Game Spot (buy 2 games and get 2 free games).

So far I completed only Halo and I am more then half done with Ninja Gaiden, but got furstrated at how hard later game is, so I just give up. (now that I have trainer installed, I might complete that game )

Those are games I played and I think they are worth checking:

Conker: Live and Reloaded
Crimson Skies
Destroy all Humans!
Gauntlet Dark Legacy
Halo (obvieusly)
MechAssult 2: Lone Wolf
XMen Legends (I have it on GC, but still got this one, as I can't be bothered to hook GC any more )

Also worth a try are OutRun 2 (played only arcade mode) and Stranger's Wrath (a bit unusuall game with nice videos and interesting gameplay).

So, what are you favorite xBox games and what do you suggest to try?
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