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Since I joined EAB earlier this month I have been amazed at how active and vibrant the Amiga community still is.... I truly believe that there is still profit to be made from Amiga and with some "intelligent" decisions such as porting to x86 arcitecture or even to PPC / Mac that it would be fairly easy!

We need a platform that can handle the latest processors / graphics cards etc - then we can focus on improving the OS to get it to a point where it can compete with at least OSX. At the moment it seems that the loyal Amiga fanbase is being let down with poor hardware decisions compunded with delays and an OS that is not accessible to the very people it is aimed at!

Without options to use AmigaOS on a wider variety of hardware Amiga will never be successful again!

If it were up to me - I would port to x86 hardware and possibly release an AmigaClassic expansion card for running the Classic software (dunno if it would be possible - but hows about a PCIe card with a 68040 + the AGA chipset etc - if not the x86 platform can emulate classic pretty well and with Toni's idea of running Classic seamlessly under UAE)

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
"Seamless" RTG: IF Picasso96 (or CyberGfx) sources will be released someday, the plan is to make totally seamless "RTG" emulation where Windows desktop = Workbench screen, all Amiga windows (including Workbench window) appear as normal windows on Windows desktop.
Maybe I am rambling......
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