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What I find even more sad is that one of the key factors to developing OS4 on PPC hardware was to stay faithful to those who forked out truckloads of money on Cyberstorm/Blizzard cards.

Ironically, only a handful of these cards remain in working order, which counts for a very *small* userbase. In addition, even Apple (the largest customer of PPC chips in the home computer market) has moved to the more profitable x86 architecture.

I'm puzzled as to why Hyperion/AInc/KMOS/whoever hasn't contemplated porting OS4 to (at least) a minimal x86 platform with a full Intel chipset (including GFX, PHY, etc).

Opening up OS4 to the greater market would make more business sense to me. Unless, as stated in an earlier post, these companies are against turning over a profit.

Then again, common sense has never applied to the decisions made by Commodore/Amiga. The trend continues...

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This whole debate is ridiculous and very, very sad. The AmigaOS should have been moved to x86 a decade ago and it's absolutely bizarre that the people still working on it have actively resisted doing so. Now they're resisting letting it run on PPC Mac hardware?

What do these people have against money? I like money, and I'm at a loss as to why they don't, especially seeing as they want money in exchange for their product.
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