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Originally Posted by foody View Post
* biting heavily on my nails * I cannot take it anymore...I cannot hold myself any longer. Please, Dary, tell me when you are going to release AmigaSYS 4 AGA?!! I am all the time waiting for the it going to take much longer?!
Soon Already really not a lot. The AGA Amiga version cannot be resembled the emulator. He has to be out of order on a pre-set configuration here. But a lot-much different Amiga on 1200/4000 configurations.

It is necessary to test a lot, and it is necessary to do reversing the descriptions. But with what there is not a definitive version yet, heavy what to translate as description.

The tests ex.: 3.0/3.1 setup opportunity more than there are 10, more than 50 RAMS/turbo board the check of the suitable setup, amigaos3.9/amigaforever 2005-2008 setups, settings, write readmes, etctecetc...

This is very much time. But I can say so much already that this has his big part already. AmigaSYS 3 versions were calculated in a similar beat than now it, in only 2007.

It onto a commissioner I may say it AmigaSYS 4 AGA appears soon, than the older. (2007.10.22 - AmigaSYS 3 Plus AGA)

Your patience ask for.
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