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Originally Posted by Paradroid90 View Post
FTP ??

Please explain being a bit thick here lol

No Probs

If you have WinUAE running on your PC with HDF files you can transfer the hdf files to the diskimages folder on WinuaeX as follows.

Connect your Xbox to your Router & Start XBMC
Check the IP address given to your Xbox by the Routers DHCP (settings)

Using Your XP PC create a network place using
logon using xbox & password xbox (all lowercase).
The window should now display all your Xbox drives as folders. copy & paste your HDF(s) to the right place & thats it. you can also transfer adfs etc. or indeed any other files to your Xbox as you wish.

Run WinuaeX & setup a suitable config using your HDF ...

Bit of trial & error but you will get there.

Let us know how you get on

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