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Originally Posted by Rabbit80 View Post
Is it not OK to bake your own bread? That is copying the baker (who would lose money because I no longer buy it from him)...

If I write some software to perform a specific function that no other software can perform you would be quite within your rights to write your own piece of software to perform that same function so long as you do not steal my code to do so.
if you bake your own bread you exercise your right to choose where to buy your bread... either with your own work, by seeding the terrain with wheat than taking care of it, reap it when mature and making grain then flour etc, or by buying your own flour, water, time and work for baking it...

if you want to say that in the end everything and every action start from an abuse, for instance that the first to have an idea bar everybody else to have the same for first, or that the terrain is being abused because you seed it or that if you go right you cannot go left at the same time, well... everything is relative.

that why there are laws that try to be kind of practical. still, do what you want, inside of them as possible.
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