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Originally Posted by marco pedrana View Post
i don't agree that's responsible to think that jsut because it's for personal use it's ok to copy.

if you want to do it, that's perfectly ok with me, that's your decision, but still call it theft. at least as long you consider wrong to steal a crust of bread from a market's bench.
Is it not OK to bake your own bread? That is copying the baker (who would lose money because I no longer buy it from him)...

If I write some software to perform a specific function that no other software can perform you would be quite within your rights to write your own piece of software to perform that same function so long as you do not steal my code to do so.

Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
BUT we should remember that the moana files were never sold or released. It is widely believed they were found on a stolen Hyperion laptop.
I was not aware of this.. Had they not been stolen, but written by an enthusiast that would be OK?
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