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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Flipping heck these missions are difficult - any advice on how to complete Mission 2 Phase 1?
Yeah, I've completed both Cannon Fodders but this is something else. lol I think maybe it should have been called Cannon Fodder Extreme. lol.

These levels are hard as feck! The early levels are supposed to be nice and easy. The difficulty curve is off the scale! I agree with mission 2. Its almost impossible. The best way I found is going to the far left or right and splitting up your men into two groups. I manage to get a few men on the beach if I take the extreme riight hand side. Still not done it though.

Thanks for the update by the way!

Ps. I think I prefer the original pointer and crosshair to the updated one. How do I get the old style pointer into this game??
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