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Re-installing Amiga OS 4

Hi guys,

I recently got hold of a 20GB hard drive and yesterday went about transferring my Amiga stuff over to this new disk - once it was all copied, I tried to use the system.

OS 3.9 worked as it always did, but Amiga OS 4 wouldn't boot at all. Strange I thought as it had worked on the old disc, but I didn't think much of it and decided it might be easier just to re-install.

So I put in the trusty Amiga OS 4 Boot floppy and moved the CD drive over the Primary Channel alongside the harddrive and tried to boot it into the installation... The system booted off the floppy then attempted to read the CD - did a restart - probably to install some resident libraries etc, then attempted to boot off the floppy and CD again... read the CD for a fair bit then stopped spinning with a black screen. It really should have displayed the Amiga OS Installation window at this stage.

Any ideas why it has stopped like this?

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