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Originally posted by Akira
hey I like the idea, but methinks it's impossible. I'd like to hear more knowledged opinions.

If I made a 4MB RAD drive, the effect might be similar. have you tried it?
Oh its possible, it was set as a final year comp-eng assignment at a uni .. except they had to build it for a PC 720k floopy. I 've been researching the topic, and I found a student posting on use-net groups needing assistance with this assignment. His post is about 4 years old now, so I don't think his account will be with the uni now. I might contact the staff and ask if they could drop me the schematics. But somehow I doubt they will

In short its possible, but as jmmijo says it needs time, and I'm a bit tight on time, it would be nice to get some h/w pointers related to this project... like what I should watch for.

Anyhow, If I was going to build this h/w I'd build it such that it would emulate 4 floppy drives. This would mean that pretty much most of the retro games would work with out a problem at supa fast load up speeds. I'd be in retro bliss if I get this project to work

I'm suprised not many ppl have show interest ? I guess you guys have jst/whdload to do all that work for you anyway.

Akira, I like your rad drive idea, but most games in the good old days "hit" the hardware, so even if you sector copy to the rad drive the adf you want to run it will start to boot and then hit the floppy drive anyway. Any opinions on this ?

Ultimately having a rad drive will eat mem and on a 1mb machine that just would not work well.

Gary: I like your idea about turning a PC into a device which serves floppy requests, but what would you plug the amiga floopy interface too on the PC ?

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