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Originally Posted by adolescent View Post
Don't think so. XRGB1 was 18bit, but XRGB2 is full 24bit. Plus the output is much better than any Amiga specific external scan-doubler. The fact that it works with just about every other old console (at least any that can output RGB) is a plus.

Bottom line is I don't think you can say for certain that the Indivision is 100x better until we see the real product.
I don't think the XRGB2 can do 50Hz, hence it depends on your definition of "better" if it is actually "better" than Amiga specific scandoublers which usually leave the refresh rate of PAL at 50Hz giving more smooth animation. 24bit would be a plus of course as would compatibility with more LCDs if you swing that way.

The picassoiv scandoubler gives much sharper results due to it being internal compared with external (like the ez-vga plus I have), and I would expect the new indivision to be just the same.

The only thing the new scandoubler can't do is 100Hz/120Hz or set the PAL/NTSC vscan rate to whatever you desire like the PicassoIV can. I would have liked it to be able to set whatever mode conversion you like instead of a fixed scan rate multiplier. I.e. so you can get exactly 60Hz or 70Hz for all modes if you like.
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