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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
I was 8

Had an A600 rather than a 1200 though (Except if I'm being picky, I was 7 when we got that, and I was 5 when we got our old A500+...)
You guys, quit it......

I was still in my early teens when my father bought a 16k Rubber keyed Speccy, we were like W00000000, a color computer.., which when we turned it on and loaded a game off of tape, the screen was black and white . So he took it back and got a free upgrade to a 48k.

Still got it in the cupboard somewhere.

And before that, the membrane key ZX81, which would crash if you sneezed within 10 feet of it.

But my father didnt want to get an Amiga, and decided it was more important to make plans to move to Australia, so I bought an A500 from Dixons. (Which I still have). Along with my A1200, A4000, minimig, and now the free A1000 I got a few days ago.

The wife calls it "The Museum".
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