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Most interesting theory, alexh. Makes complete scene to me...

...what of the future, I wonder?

ATM, I guess the vast majority of retro-users are on a nostalgia kick - what will happen to the 'retro-scene' when those from 'back in the day' have gone? Will we die off @ about the same rate as our computers or will there be subsequent generations..?

Despite my knocking-on a bit I wonder if I count as a 'second generation' enthusiast? My specific interest in the Amiga was kindled long after the platform ceased to be in any commercial sense.

The other thing that gives me some pause for thought is the state of play with developers...
...For me at least half the 'fun' is applying new developments to this ageing platform - wholly stupid though it is.
The old crowd (especially software) have been leaving at an alarming rate, where will the new developers come from? I wonder if the 8-bit scene may give us a clue...
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