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since i have installed the 32 bit version only, (the previous post referred to a mixed installation with old drives too) i have the opposite problem:
amiga joysticks work in windows but are sometimes ignored by Winuae.

i have installed successfully the catweasel newest drivers and, so far i preferred not to install tvicport, knowing not what may happen.

i know that this is a configuration problem: if i try a vanilla quickstart mode, the joystics work.
in any case they are listed as available, but in more specific configurations, they are ignored.

tryed as i mighted, i could not spot the single setting that makes them go away.
it is not JIT, for instance, or at least not only that, and however, even after disabled and restarted, they don't work neither.

do you guys have ideas? Toni cannot help me because having not the same version of Vista as this one, he cannot test.

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