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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Surely not?
Obviously it depends on the item and location. For instance, the SX-64 is quite common here and relatively scare in Europe. PETs are also way more common over here. You'll actually see them sitting on the side of the road waiting to be hauled away.

I've been looking for a C128D for years and never come across one at a sensible price.
Even you must admit that's most likely because your idea of a sensible price is lower than that which is commonly accepted. The current value of the 128D has dropped by about 30% in the last six months. Again, I'm only speaking for North America as that's where I live and 90% of the several hundred auctions I monitor at any given time are for items here in NA.

I'm sure that is more down more to the 1581-III disk emulator (and the other cartridge port alternatives) than demand!
Actually, that's the 1541-III (I have a couple) and it isn't analogous to the 1581 as it doesn't provide more than 170k of continuous storage. It isn't really an alternative to the 1541 either as it can't deal with anything with custom drive code (think fastloaders) which is the vast majority of 64 software out there. Neither can the MMC64 or the MMC Replay (those two can't even handle multiple-file loads) or the MMC2IEC or the SD2IEC or the, well, you get the idea. Then there is the uIEC but that's more like a hard drive replacement.

The only real disk drive replacement is the 1541 Ultimate (I'm involved with the development) which is the first device that allows a user to free themselves completely of a traditional disk drive and even so, its existence has no bearing on the demand for disk drives.

I respect your opinion immensely but you're on the outside looking in and I'm one of the more active guys in the 8 bit community. Trust me. This is one subject I'm actually qualified to speak about.

Why have a slow crappy 5.25" disk drive when you can get a fast disk drive emulator that uses disk images on SD cards!
Primarily because they're not replacements functionality-wise.
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