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Originally Posted by gklinger View Post
the Commodore 8 bit community are starting to see that limit.
Surely not? I've been looking for a C128D for years and never come across one at a sensible price. There is one on Ebay now. £50 ($100) starting price (below some reserve) not in great condition and it's partially broken!! It will probably go for over £100 ($200) even in this condition!

Never come across an Amstrad CPC 6128 Plus at a sensible price either!

Originally Posted by gklinger View Post
A good example is the Commodore 1581 which is a 3.5" disk drive for the 8 bitters. all of us who are hardcore enough to know what a 1581 is have them already.
I'm sure that is more down more to the 1581-III disk emulator (and the other cartridge port alternatives) than demand! Why have a slow crappy 5.25" disk drive when you can get a fast disk drive emulator that uses disk images on SD cards!

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