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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
You find that people start buying spares. Keropi for example has one of everything there is AND a spare
There's still a limit. I spend a lot of time in the Commodore 8 bit community (I can't think of a better way to say that) and we're starting to see that limit. A good example is the Commodore 1581 which is a 3.5" disk drive for the 8 bitters. As late as March of this year they were selling for $150-$175 with a few auctions that got out of control going over $200. Now they sit on eBay with $100 BINs. Why? Because all of us who are hardcore enough to know what a 1581 is have them already. I don't think the Amiga has reached that point but it will. It's inevitable.

As an interesting side note, many 64 guys bought 1581s kits that required a compatible floppy disk drive mechanism so they bought Amiga 500s, ripped the floppy drive out and tossed the rest in the garbage.
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