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Has the Amiga bug again
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Where are we in the Amiga popularity state?

Obviously demand for Amiga's rises and falls as more or less people want to get (back) into/out-of the retro Amiga scene. I see A600's going for £20-£40 on ebay depending on condition and accessories. A1200's ~£40 for a bog standard untested model etc...

These seem very cheap to me with some of the parts costing a large percentage of what you would pay for a complete unit - for example a A500/A600/A1200 PSU can fetch £10 inc P&P. Mice around a fiver, joysticks ~£10.

So are we seeing a downward trend in value or upward? Have the Amiga forums seen more or less activity (new member join rates)? Has minimig sparked more interest in the 68k Amiga's? Will Natami do the same?

I know it is a bit heavy for a Monday morning but as a recent returner to the scene i'm interested to see if I am bucking the trend or riding the wave!
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