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Anyone want shares in a new game?

As some of you have noticed the Dino Dino - help him thread.
Well this isn`t one of those it`s a invite to be a part of something quite rare and unique.

Steve Screech is going to be writing a follow up to Player Manager

Now UPM is Ultimate Player Manager, which will be a remake of that classic football manager game Player Manager from Anco.

Pop over to the address below and check it out if you like.. shares have been sold already and I`ve been with Steve, as have the rest of us all the way through the development of Kick Off 2002.. so it`s all for real and above board.
There`s a special forum for this.. Ultimate Player Manager funnily enough
Check out what Steve has to say, leave messages with your queries if you like.. talk to any of the members, they`ll tell you anything you want to know..

Thanks for your time


Quote from

Steve writes "As a unique method of part financing the UPM title i have decided to issue shares in the game to those of you who want to be part of the development/beta team. Shares cost 25 pounds or 40 EURO's each and for that you will receive....

1. A copy of the game when finished
2. All Beta testing versions
3. Credit in game
4. Your say in what goes into the game
5. Your say in what DOESN'T get into the game
6. A share in the profits equal to the percentage of shares held.

At the very least you will get your money back on release and hopefully you should actually make money on it too plus get the game etc so you will in essence get a free game plus at least a year of testing and tuning etc. It's a first for a game to be done like this and you can be part of it. It's the game you lets make it happen....AGAIN!

Check out the UPM forum for all the share information

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