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Now why didn't I think of that? *slaps forehead*.

Someone told me bleach might work but then that would take the labels off the keys as well which isn't ideal. Has anyone tried spray painting their Miggies? You know just to customise them, not necessarily to cover up yellowing or anything like that? Have you got any pics?

I hooked it up to my PCTV card before and it worked fine so I can now play it on my flat screen 17 inch monitor (which is very handy considering I no longer have a real TV). I've got my PC wired up to my hi-fi so sound is top notch too.

Now I've just got to get to grips with all these PC - Amiga data transfer shenanigans. I've read through all the various options mentioned in the FAQs/tutorials but just want a personal opinion - which method are you all using? Which would you recommend for someone with an A1200 with no hard drive?

I thought the null modem cable would be the best way to go but now I can't seem to find it. I've got a 25 pin (at both ends) female cable which would be fine for the Amiga end but not the PC end (at least I don't think it would).
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