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I use a 19inch philips 109p CRT for games, much better colour and sharpness than the ultra-old amiga screens and LCDs (no interpolation). Colours are simply brilliant, not to mention ultra smooth scrolling and ability to handle 100hz and 120hz with picassoiv or winuae. Many amiga users seem to have crap CRTs and ancient multisyncs (for the old-skool look). I prefer LCDs over a crap CRT.

LCD screen I have does not have smooth scrolling even at 50hz which is its major weakness. Mind you if you prefer the blurriness of the old amiga monitors, the LCD does the job somewhat with its interpolation using native 1920x1200 which is better than lower resolution LCDs.

The 1084s is too small so I only use it if I want to lose my eyesight.
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