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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

if i dont LOCK the hard disk when the x2.6 is disable it attempts to load msdash, however fails to a service required screen...

when the hdd is locked it works perfectly.

Zetro & Alex

Thanks for your patience my friends.
OK I got it now.
Just fit the new HD & run the AID 4.3 prepare & install dash etc.

The reason I want to lock the HD is simply for when my daughter wants to use Xbox live & she needs to Boot the Xbox with the 2.6 modchip disabled.

My confidence does go up when I fully understand the process,

One final Question when locking the HD with the Xecuter Bios active, where does it get the eeprom data from so that when the HD is locked & the modchip is disabled the std M$ BIOS is happy to use the Locked HD ?

Cheers Guys.


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