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Hey Zetro & Alex Success...

That will teach me to use "Xbox" as username / pw rather than all lowercase characters

OK so using AID menu I did a backup of my eeprom to EE & transferred all of C & E to my XP PC using Network places with ftp://....etc as the address.

So that's my backup sorted of my original Retail HD.

Next stage
I install a new HD prepare & format using AID, then transfer the C & E backups (inc the eeprom backed up data) from my PC to the new HD using FTP.

Now the tricky bit
On the Xbox how do I restore the eeprom data & lock the new HD??? so I
can Switch the modchip off & boot the std Xbox BIOS & MSDash without it realising the HD has changed.

Baby steps but I'm getting there, Thanks to all for your help.

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