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Hey man, am I get important or what? Other day was Martyn Brown from Team 17 talking to me, now it's Mr Dino Dini ! Now I think I should stopping talking Kick Off is rubbish ...

I agree about the shooting method in those games, and I also agree that the shooting method in Kick Off (and Goal!) is great (Also in Sensible World of Soccer, as they are very similar).

I have a soccer game in my mind, that if I had the power, I would code. I think the best way would to use an analogue joystick, as with an analogue joystick, you can point to virtually any direction (and not only the 8 main directions), so it would be much more realistic (and more challenging too). This method was used in an ancient arcade game I can't remember the name now (it's from Tecmo, if I remember well). If I am not mistaken, it was also used in the arcade version of Fighting Soccer.

Fifa really is too bad.. Fifa 94 and 95 were good, they were designed by the same guy (can't remember his name)... then after making Fifa 95, he passed away, and then Fifa just got worse and worse.....

I still have to play Winning Eleven 5 and 6... actually, I never even played an PSX 2... any chances of a release for the Game Cube? A friend of mine already got it, so at least I could try it in this machine..
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