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Hi guys,

Akira, when I say solid state I just mean no moving parts, so the device would use any type of classical memory (30pin/72pin) I can get my mits on.

The device would plug into the floppy port of your amiga and translate I/O requests but instead of using a floppy disk as the source of the data, I'd have memory there. It would be something like below:

| Amiga Flooppy Port |
| Translate I/O req |
| Memory Chips |

I'd have to put an eject button on the device as in boot up time you may want to boot of the harddrive and stuff.

I don't have enough Comp Eng experience to build the hardware so I'd have to research the stuff. It will take a _lot_ of time for me, maybe someone out there could give me some pointers? In the end I feel that after dabling with a design for 1 - 2 years I'll probably have "timing" problems and whole thing wont work .

Anyhow, I feel this device will turn _all_ adfs into hard drive/cartridge load up speeds on a _real_ _low_ spec amiga which would be AWSOME!! So if you plug this device in a stock 500 1.3/68000 with a hard drive then there would be no need whdload/jst to have lightening loadup speeds... just saying that make me drool... geez I'm bad

Not many ppl excited about this project, oh well... I guess I'm too retro

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