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Interesting program - thanks for the link.

Maybe a tad inaccurate in places & sadly the usual shallow style of documentary that seems to be all too common these days...
...still I enjoyed watching it.

Now comes the whinge:
-Bloody, bloody, bloody b*stards of the media industry.
-Bloody, bloody, bloody miserable M$ for not having the balls to tell them to get stuffed.
-Bloody, bloody, bloody b*stard modern application engineers...
...I nearly couldn't be bothered to watch this at all.

-F**king bloody DRM & the idiots stuck in the last century who don't get that modern technology enables new opportunities for distributing media NOT a new challenge for how to protect their tiny-minded bottom-line, so p*ssing off their potential customers by making their computers quite deliberately so much less than they could be.
-D*mn M$ for supporting these vested interests over their own customers instead of having the vision to lead these idiots out of their entrenched stupidity - I'll never use Vista (having tried it).
-D*mn the modern software developers who only ever think 'wouldn't it be cool if...' which always leads to time-wasting & counter-intuitive eye-candy for the frustrated user while unnesisarily eating into finite system resources!
Don't any of these stupid buggers realise that good software should be like a good waiter who goes about his work efficiently, almost unnoticed by the customer?

What am I on about?
My PC is already set up the way I want it - within the constraints of unfortunate systems practices.
So why in the hell did I have to go through the following just to view a streamed proggie?
-First I'm told to download a Firefox plugin to read the chosen format - ok, I'll let that one go...
-Then I'm told I need to 'upgrade' to WMP11 & am given no choice. WHY? WMP9 is just as capable of displaying the 'video' AND takes up rather less space on my HDD - Lets not get onto the subject of there being far better media players out there anyway which I may have preferred to use as per my current set up.
-So against my better judgement (I do know what's going on here) I 'upgrade' to WMP11 only to find the streamed format is calling for yet another 'upgrade' - grrrr, b*stards!!! I know what you're up to...
-So I do more of the DRM thing like the good brain-washed automaton that I am, only to have to sit through a bunch of unnecessary horse-sh*t that obviously was spewed from the sad little mind of a systems programmer who felt the need to show off their meagre skills while assuming (like them) I'm such a dumb-ass that I'd require or enjoy their pointless little tour of their cleverness'.

Hmmm, once again I feel soiled.
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