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Phew, I'm back at last! A bit battle scarred, but triumphant. The A1200 put up a good fight yet in the end the dish cloth and flash won out.

I took every single key off, soaked them in a sink full of flash detergent and hoovered underneath the keyboard. Not a quick job I can tell you! Worth the effort though - it's now like new ...well except for a bit of yellowing (I wonder if there's a way to shift that?).

I somehow managed to break one of the little black clips which grips onto the metal wire underneath the space bar so now it's a bit lose at one end which is going to bug me forever - I'll have to see if I can fix that somehow later.

Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can hook it up to my PC using the null modem cable I bought five years ago and never had a use for (until now). I read somewhere that you can use Amiga explorer to transfer ADF files to floppies without loading any software at all on the Miggy side so that sounds like the best way to go.

Anyway I've waffled enough. Thanks for congrats guys.
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