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Chaos Engine AGA

Just load ed up chaos engine aga and on the title screen it says chaos engine AA version shouldn't be be AGA version? anyways
here is that screenshot you were after.
the line stays where it is until you get up the screen and it disappears as you walk up and is replaced by another one at the top of the screen which again scrolls down as you walk up
changing any of the config options does not help with this display problem.

Superfrog got really fixed up in 8.21 so anybody annoyed with the display of previous versions can be happy now.

changing the display to 640x480 hides the left hand side of the screen whipping problem.

I was just thinking about other problems in games and remember shadow of the freezing when I went to the left at the start this probably is no longer happening but will test it.

I was thinking an internal database of config options for amiga games would be good, but I guess there are configs galore on the net and that may be hard to implement trying to ID a game by CRC or some header information or god knows what.

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