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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Erm.... I already answered everything. Do you ever read replies?
Ahhh i get distracted by things of a shining nature

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
The guy wanted to mount the Xbox drives on his PC and I told him that XBMC has a SAMBA client, allowing you to mount PC drives/folders on xbox.

I tried to explain that (AFAIK) XBMC (or any other xbox dashboard) does not have a SAMBA server, which would allow you to mount the Xbox drives on the PC.

And all networking clients on the xbox do NOT use SAMBA! Xbox supports uPnP (both client and server) aka DLNA. Xbox also supports numerous other servers. The list is long and I cannot be arsed to type... look em up.
..... ..... . ..... hmmmmm..... fair enough.... I think your right.... there wasn't enough hardware pr0n in the post to hold my attention long enough to see the question.... and the answer....

I blame er.... Bippym and that Double D Damien.... a suss pair if ever there was one...

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