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Originally Posted by AlfaRomeo View Post
Who are devloping a wireless USB? Never heard about it
A company called WisAIR were developing our wireless USB radio. While we are still interested it's been at least 2 years since we first got involved and to be honest I do not see it going much further. 802.11n was a flop and wisely a lot of companies are looking elsewhere (consumer devices rather than hard drives). It is an official standard.

Originally Posted by cosmicfrog View Post
you got a link to something intesting about usb3 ?
The most interesting thing about USB3 is actually under the hood. They are throwning away the ARSE that was bulk class and mass storage and switching to something with less latency and less overhead more like SCSI and Firewire which supports command queuing and multiple outstanding commands.

USB3.0 is a totally new physical layer. It remains backwards compatible by having an entire USB2.0HS built in (using different wires in the new cables)!

Here is a picture of the prototype USB3 hosts and some cables.

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