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Originally Posted by gklinger View Post
@alexh: Will any PCMCIA to CF adapter do?
Yes. They are 100% passive. Just wires.

Originally Posted by gklinger View Post
Also, do you know of any place that sells new replacement 600 keyboards?
USA keyboard layout? Nope sorry. You could try Vesalia and see if they kept any back. They did stock them until recently. They are very good with their stock though. Doubtful they have any.

There is a nice UK layout one on Ebay at the moment. You'd get used to it

I use a US keyboard here on my PC (It's a prototype wireless Cherry compact keyboard, (Without crappy windows keys!) impossible to replace, so I couldn't get rid of it!)

I was thinking of going to a wireless Apple MAC keyboard, but there are just too many differences. Too many missing keys. (Page up/down, Home/End, Scroll-lock, Break etc.)

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