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Although I maintain that AmigaOS on good hardware (Amithlon?) is still a pleasant / useful day-to-day OS I've got to admit pretty much everything I do with it is based on 'wouldn't it be cool if...' rather than 'I need...'.

BlueTooth on AOS would be cool to have but I don't miss it - TBF the computers I have that are BlueTooth capable all have it switched off.
It's a technology for which I've never found a use:
-I don't like mobile phones, so the one I have (because work requires I have one) is so old I can't even text on it.
-I don't own a PDA - prefer my tablet PC.
-Other potentially BlueTooth stuff I have is quite happy talking faster via WiFi / USB...

So, if there was BlueTooth, I'd have it - something else to plug into my miggy.

Ok, rambling again...
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