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Not bad. I too paid about the same price (although mine included PSU and was local so no postage).

How yellow is it? Come with a mouse?

First thing you're gonna want to do is get a trap door chip RAM upgrade (if it doesn't have one.)

Next thing you're gonna want to get is an IDE->CF adapter and a CF card. If it still has the original Conner 42Mbyte drive in then it is going to make the noise of Concords engines.

Probably going to want a second CF card and PCMCIA adapter to transfer files to and from the PC. (Or you could try a PCMCIA Ethernet card, but it will be 10x slower!)

A KS3.1 v40.63 chip would be recommended.

If you want to go to the next level you'll probably want to buy a NedoPC 8MB RAM expansion they are $40 + postage from HERE. (BTW: The cheapest way to send money from UK to Russia is to use the PostOffice's MoneyGram. £4.99)

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