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Originally Posted by hitchhikr View Post
I looked into the exploit i used and seen that it's rather simple as it's using a small piece of code embedded inside C:\FONTS\ERNIE.XTF to load & run a xbe file called E:\SYSTEME\PBL.XBE
I'm not sure this is a recent softmod. But if it works who cares. Just make sure you didnt use a REALLY old one that suffers from clock loop!

Originally Posted by hitchhikr View Post
PBL.XBE which supposedly flashes the rom with XBIOS.BIN
The onboard flash is read only unless you modify the motherboard! PLB (Pheonix BIOS loader) does not flash anything. It patches memory and re-routes BIOS calls to XBIOS.BIN which is loaded into memory in a sort of TSR. Later softmods use NKpatcher. (Details)

Originally Posted by hitchhikr View Post
(although i doubt that this operation was successful on a crystal xbox)
It is quite unlikely that it would work on a box with a Xcalibur video encoder.

Originally Posted by hitchhikr View Post
Sorry for the dirty details but i've read quite a lot of tutorials all around and they got me confused a bit for nothing + i like to "demystify" such stuff.
As I said I am not sure this is a safe softmod. Need to research a bit more. Now that you've got access to your hard drive via FTP it might be worth re-working it with NDure. The last and arguably best softmod.

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