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Oki i did the hotswap stuff (by just removing the plug from the dvd drive), just plugged the hd into the pc, booted in windows, used xplorer360 to drag'n'drop the exploit and the Unleash X files into it and voila (as a matter of fact a very few amount of files are really needed).

I looked into the exploit i used and seen that it's rather simple as it's using a small piece of code embedded inside C:\FONTS\ERNIE.XTF to load & run a xbe file called E:\SYSTEME\PBL.XBE which supposedly flashes the rom with XBIOS.BIN (although i doubt that this operation was successful on a crystal xbox) and run the file E:\SYSTEME\DASHBOARD\HACKDASH.XBE.

So the exploit sequence in the XBOX goes like that BIOS > c:\XBOXDASH.XBE > load all 3 fonts (BERTY.XTF, ERNIE.XTF & S.XTF) and C:\MEDIA\CELLWALL.XBG > *exploit triggered here* > E:\SYSTEME\PBL.XBE > XBIOS.BIN (if possible) > E\SYSTEME\DASHBOARD\HACKDASH.XBE (the dashboard loads E\SYSTEME\DASHBOARD\CONFIG.XML & all it's data from the directory E:\UDATA\9e115330) and that all.

Sorry for the dirty details but i've read quite a lot of tutorials all around and they got me confused a bit for nothing + i like to "demystify" such stuff.
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