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From what I heard, Dino Dini had some issues with Anco, and they weren't about money. Goal! was being developed as Kick Off 3, but then (again, from what I heard), Dino Dini and Anco "broke up", and Virgin bought the project

Kick Off 3 was made by Steve Screech (Did I spell it right?), and although it has nice graphics, it sucks as hell.

Most of my friends said the players in Goal! seemed to be flying, but I never got that..

Hmm.. Pro Evolution Soccer... I haven't seen any PSX2 game running yet. The Konami's soccer series is rather weird.

There are both ISS and ISS deluxe for Snes (Called Perfect Eleven and Fighting Eleven respectively, in Japan)
Then in PSOne , there was the first Winning Eleven in Japan, called "Goal Storm" on West, I think it was the 1st soccer game for the PSOne ever. One year later, Japan got Winning Eleven 2, named "Goal Storm 97" in West. More or less at the same time , ANOTHER TEAM from Konami made "International Super Star Soccer 64" for the N64. I never remember the name of those Konami teams (One is name KCET, the other one I don't know, and I never remember who did what). I also dunno if ISS 64 got another name on Japan. And while "Winning Eleven" on PSONE and ISS 64 have somo similarities, they are incredibly different on gameplay, the 1st one being more realistic, and the 2nd one being more arcade. Then on PSONE, we got "Winning Eleven 3", and on West, instead of naming "Goal Storm 98", it was named "International Super Star Soccer 98"... it was made for the same team of the others Winning Elevens (And NOT the team from the N64 version, who, in 98, made ISS 98 for the 64).

Winning Eleven 4 was also released for the PSONE, and I saw it with many different names in West, like "International Super Star Soccer 2000" and "Major League Soccer 2000" . N64 also got ISS 2000.

Now on PSX2, we have both Winning Eleven, that now is called "Pro Evolution Soccer" on west, and International Super Star Soccer, that probably has the same name on Japan.

So, both teams from Konami went to make games for PSX2 ?
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