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I cleaned the white thing on the cpu completely now. There is a fan directed to the Bvision, and I don't have a 060, just a 040/25mhz.

I have two hard drives connected. The old one is a 2.1gb Quantum, and the other is a 20gb Fujitsu. When I boot from the smaller one, it just seldomly fails and when it does, it fails with IPrefs or AddDataTypes. The contents of two drives are identical to each other. If I try to boot from the bigger drive, it mostly fails with AddDataTypes' but seldomly works. When I remove the smaller drive (psyhically) and try to boot from Fujitsu, it always crashes with ramlib. When two drives are connected, Quantum is the master and the Fujistu is the slave.

All failure messages are displayed on my RGB monitor (actually TV card-ish video input) but only the last one, the error that is displayed when I only connect the big drive is displayed on a CybergraphX mode screen.

I was planning to remove the smaller drive but it looks like I have to keep it as a boot drive until this issue is solved. I currently have CybergraphX 3 installed but I'll have version 4 after monday. I suspect there may be more than one reason of this problem, like the displacement of cables may be causing the problem with the system on the 2.1 drive whereas the bigger drive's SFS filesystem may be another problem. I may be compleyely wrong on that final statement though.
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