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Could be any number of problems. First thing to do is make sure that all cards, cables etc. inside your tower are securely in place, especially the PPC and BVision cards. It doesn't take too much movement/dislodgement for them to make you visit guru city. Ensuring my cards and cables are secure usually does the trick for me when I start getting complaints about ramlib or gurus on booting.

If that doesn't do the trick, the next thing to do is make sure that your PPC and BVision cards have the latest drivers (060, PPC, SCSI, CyberGraphX) and have the latest firmware flashed. All the Phase 5 drivers can be located here ( Latest updates of CyberGraphX software can be found here ( Best to update all this software after a fresh installation of OS 3.x (which you've already done it seems).

OK, there are other things that you can try, but that's plenty for now. Let us know if you still have problems after doing all that.
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