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Originally Posted by Fingerlickin_B View Post
I'm very sorry Dary, but I don't understand what you are saying either

Let me try to be clear.

Website has AmigaSYS 3 for real Amigas.
Website has AmigaSYS 4 for WinUAE only, NOT for real Amigas.

Will this work?
Install AmigaSYS 4 in WinUAE.
Put real Amiga HDD in PC.
Transfer files to Amiga HDD.
Put HDD back in Amiga A1200.

That is how I installed AmigaSYS 3 on my A1200.
Website does not say if this will work.

Sorry about the confusion


I'm just guessing but I don't think it will work, if it did then Dary would't need to make a specific version of AmigaSYS 4 for real Amiga's.

There must be some WINUAE specific code in there. Don't worry Fingerlickin, it looks like AmigaSYS 4 for real Amiga's is almost finished

Originally Posted by TheCorfiot View Post

It looks Fantastic mate,

Will look even better with a 640x512 screen courtesy of an Indivision AGA FF.

Can't wait for your release (& the FF)

Thanks for all your hard work

That's a good idea. Are you going to put some Indivision AGA support in AmigaSYS AGA Dary...some custom screen modes would be nice and matched to the correct size and colour depth of the background images would be even better

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