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Originally Posted by Dary View Post
I do not understand this now. WinUAE version you install it Amiga 1200 AGA onto a machine? There are a lot some other way on all of them there. AmigaSYS AGA is because of this version, it truth 1200/4000 onto machines. I understood in this manner what you said.
I'm very sorry Dary, but I don't understand what you are saying either

Let me try to be clear.

Website has AmigaSYS 3 for real Amigas.
Website has AmigaSYS 4 for WinUAE only, NOT for real Amigas.

Will this work?
Install AmigaSYS 4 in WinUAE.
Put real Amiga HDD in PC.
Transfer files to Amiga HDD.
Put HDD back in Amiga A1200.

That is how I installed AmigaSYS 3 on my A1200.
Website does not say if this will work.

Sorry about the confusion

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